Who we are

North-East Venture is an international, multi-stage fund. The fund was launched December 1st 2013 as the venture branch of North-East Family Office.


North-East Venture is an international multi-stage venture fund based in the heart of Copenhagen. The fund was launched 1 December 2013, and its portfolio primarily contains direct investment in non-listed growth companies within new technologies, online and digitalisation, while design and lifestyle are focus areas as well.

A common denominator for all investments across the various industries is that the companies are adding brand and technological edge to the market, innovation and disruption in addition to including sustainable elements and a general ethical awareness.

North-East Venture handles these investments as part of the international North-East Family Office, which is 100% privately owned, with the appropriate decorum and patience of a family office.

North-East Family Office was established in 2013 by Winnie Liljeborg and Per Algot Enevoldsen, the founders of the global jewellery brand Pandora. NEFO manages the family members’ assets and affairs, including charity, worldwide.



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