Brain+ develops cutting-edge apps that offer effective and entertaining training for your brain 


Brain+ develops cutting edge apps that offer effective and entertaining training for your brain to improve your learning ability, reading speed, creativity, social intelligence and stress management – and increase your quality of life.

Their apps feature games and programs that stand out in the market for having been developed in close cooperation with leading researchers, neurologists and psychologists as well as game developers and business professionals to maximise the individual user's ability to learn new things, such as performing familiar tasks better. Evolution, generation 2 of Brain+'s brain training apps, caters to both children and adults, professionals and individuals.

In 2014, the Danish company was selected by Apple as the best new app developer in 125 countries and was appointed the following year as the most attractive investment object at the AcceleraceInvestor Day. Brain+'s apps have been downloaded 1.2 million times and is in the process of being adapted and clinically tested for use in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, depression and brain damage with a special focus on the treatment of impaired cognitive functioning.


  • Kim Baden Kristensen

    Founder, CEO 




Jorcks Passage Opgang A,

1162 Copenhagen