Who we are

North-East Venture is an international, multi-stage fund. The fund was launched December 1st 2013 as the venture branch of North-East Family Office.


North-East Venture is an international multi-stage venture fund based in Copenhagen. Our portfolio primarily contains direct investment in non-listed growth companies across the verticals:


· Technology
· Lifestyle
· Impact

We invest in innovative companies that bring a technological edge as well as a focus on sustainability and a general ethical awareness to the market.


We are founded by entrepreneurs and we are genuinely excited about helping strong ideas succeed. We have the skills and the experience to add value in all stages of a young company’s growth. We thrive in close collaborations and we are well trained in recognizing when we can meaningfully contribute and when it’s time for founders and other key people to step up and do their magic. Our team is young and easy-going yet relentless in their pursuit of the right answers. 


The people we decide to work with are dedicated and ambitious and recognize, as we do, that in order to become successful you must give precedence to the strongest argument.


We constantly search for the right business models and for the thinking which will shape our future. Our position allows us the privilege of a long-term approach to our investments. Although the industries we work within often grow and change very fast, even exponentially, we insist on a far-seeing perspective. We are not interested in one-hit wonders but rather in people and companies with game changing potential. It is more challenging but also more rewarding to work like this. That’s why we do it.

We are a very ambitious company, economically as well as in all other areas. We are a top tier venture fund and we define our goals accordingly.  


North-East Venture, while global in outlook, is deeply rooted in a Nordic tradition which celebrates simplicity, accessibility and elegance. We are founded by a family office with a thorough understanding of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and we pride ourselves on the patience and empathy which accompanies such an understanding. Correspondingly, we cherish a trust-based approach to management.


We are an agile organization with the ability to move fast when necessary and we have spent enough time with large data sets to know when to trust our intuition.


Our work is based on a set of values which have proven themselves repeatedly, and we commit ourselves to a partnership only when these values are shared.